We host presentations and workshops at Ryerson to educate members about Artificial Intelligence and spark innovation. We understand that AI is growing rapidly so we focus on building an understanding within the community, describing specific applications, and teaching how to run Machine Learning based models.


We recognize that AI will be important in our society’s future so we offer a platform to develop and explore new AI applications that can solve issues we see in the world. We aim to use our creative and technical expertise to implement machine learning and AI-based projects in our space.


Spread the word! We are passionate about developing an interest in AI and intend to create a community that fosters creativity and innovation. We encourage students from different backgrounds and expertise to join our events and broaden their skillset.


We aim to educate the community about the possibilities and risks of artificial intelligence so that all individuals are equipped with the right knowledge to use AI in a proper way. We want our members to be prepared with all the skills and tools to succeed and work in the industry.